The Rock Springs Christian Academy Jr. Pro football team, coached by Keith Harbuck, went 3-4 this season led by quarterback Brandt Washington and receiver Hayes Fleming.

“Coach Keith Harbuck and his assistants had a very talented bunch of young men to work with, but the challenge was getting them all on the same page heading in the same direction,” Rock Springs said in a statement. “We will take this as a lesson learned and allow it to help us become a better team and better overall program going into 2019. Sometimes you learn more from a loss than a win.”

The team also included Colton Duke, Max Scoggin, Kane Rayl, Brayden Marsh, Landon Ratliff, Hunter Duke, Noah Zellner, Joshua McDaniel, Malia Harris (manager), Isaiah Davis, Tyler Harris, Ethan Keck, Cohen Harrell, Jack Miller and Peyton Seymour.

Assistant coaches were Walter Duke and Marty Miller.

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