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The upcoming days will feature a pair of livestock reports, as we will get the Cold Storage report on Thursday. Allendale is projecting 633.631 mln pounds of pork for the end of July, an 11 mln pound increase. Beef is estimated at 397.410 mln pounds, which would be 18% below last year’s mark, but a 3 mln increase from last month.

Dairy prices through this year’s second half are on track to be the best since 2014’s records. The recovery, combined with assistance from the new Dairy Margin Coverage program, doesn’t mean a return to full prosperity. But the improvements should help stop the bleeding and perhaps begin healing balance sheets.

We had about a half inch of rain Sunday and we needed it. The pastures were getting dry and the beans were starting to dry up. That shot of rain really helped. It also helped some of the pastures. Other than that, it's probably time to start getting the combine ready.

We got almost an inch of rain Saturday night and into Sunday (Aug. 18). That helped. The beans look good and the corn looks good. We've seen some foggy mornings, so I'm feeling good about my decision to put fungicide on the fields.

We got lucky again and caught another nice rain across the area this week. Crops are looking good. These last few rains have really helped our beans. I wish our mid-May beans would have set more pods. As they are wrapping up pod set, they have about 25% less pods than the April beans. Time will tell as beans are very funny and we won’t know yield tell we run with the combine. Big week for markets as we watch the Pro Farmer crop tour and see what they come up with. I have a feeling it will be a market mover. Have a good week.

Another week of summer temperatures in the 90s moved the crop along, trying to make up some of the season delay. Fungicide applications to soybeans are continuing. Yield checks on corn and soybeans seem premature with beans still setting pods and the potential for tip-back on corn still a concern. Storms brought heavy winds and rain, and some corn and soybeans leaned as a result. Weekly rainfall totals in a few isolated parts of the neighborhood were over 12 inches! The limited acres of sorghum in the area have already headed. It’s time to begin servicing equipment and preparing for harvest along with a quick trip to the Farm Progress Show to see the industry’s showcase.

It was a down day for grains as traders see a decent amount of rain in the upcoming forecasts, Ami L. Heesch of CHS Hedging said. “First blush crop reports, from the annual corn/soybean tour this week, suggest the corn and bean crops are lagging in development,” she said.