I am a new resident of Butts County having come this way by marriage. I like the peace and quiet of the county, and less traffic, especially compared to my previous residence. However, I just received my first property tax bill and am quite astounded.

I already knew Butts County taxed residents of every age for government schools, I just didn’t realize how much.

Probably the most unjust tax in the universe is property tax, and I will double that comment by saying that taxing someone who has never had children in government schools is especially offensive. I am well past retirement age, as is my wife, and neither one of us has had children in government schools. The politician who would initiate the repeal of school taxes on property owners of retirement age in Butts County would receive my undying support.

OK, so where do you get school money? Tax the parents. That’s it. Charge enough tuition for government schools to get the schools out of the pockets of folks like me. Simple, easy.