On behalf of the residents, staff and City Council of the city of Jackson, I wish to sincerely thank the Butts County Chamber of Commerce for the outstanding 2019 Butts County Fall Festival in downtown Jackson on Saturday, Oct. 26.

Many thanks to the wonderful people who came out to enjoy the festival, to the amazing vendors, parade participants, vintage car owners, and volunteers who worked so hard to make this a great day for all. Downtown Jackson was alive with all the excitement of a great community gathering celebrating fall and the bountiful gifts that only a small town can offer.

First and foremost we are grateful to the members and leaders of the Butts County Chamber of Commerce, and special mention goes out to Nikki Sowell, Bridgette Daniel, Greg Tallman and Cindy Murray for their “over-the-top” hard work and contributions. Thank you, one and all, for another great festival and can’t wait to see what you have planned for the 2019 Christmas parade!

— Kay Pippin, Mayor

City of Jackson