City of Jackson residents near North Oak Street and Chestnut Drive may see discolored water come from their faucets for the next couple of days, city officials said Thursday. 

Crews on Thursday morning began work to replace a water main in the area, which could lead to brownish water in the system. 

"Residents should be advised that the water may be discolored, which is normal under these circumstances," Jackson city officials said in a statement. "The more water that passes through the system, the faster the brownish color will disappear. Once the clear water has reached a majority of the system, residents in the affected area should be able to run their faucets to clear the water within their homes."

The discoloration could last two to three days, city officials said. 

"We apologize for this inconvenience and ask for your patience while we work diligently to assure quality water resources for the city of Jackson. Thank you for working with us to assure a better quality of life for you," the city statement said.