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  • Diversity Index: 78.08
  • Total undergraduate enrollment: 26,417
  • White: 8,101 (30.7%)
  • Hispanic: 3585 (13.6%)
  • Black or African American: 1,599 (6.1%)
  • Asian: 5,176 (19.6%)
  • Nonresident: 5077 (19.2%)
  • Other races: 1278 (4.8%)

New York University (NYU), a private school in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, is the largest college on this list. In its Diversity Statement, NYU underscores its commitment to “building a culture that respects and embraces diversity, inclusion, and equity.” Collectively, almost 40 percent of NYU students identify as Asian or nonresident. NYU’s Center for Multicultural Education and Programs is dedicated to diversity education and training across the university, including a variety of cultural and social justice events.

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