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  • Diversity Index: 74.31
  • Total undergraduate enrollment: 6,937
  • White: 2,818 (40.6%)
  • Hispanic: 640 (9.2%)
  • Black or African American: 571 (8.2%)
  • Asian: 1,338 (19.3%)
  • Nonresident: 1172 (16.9%)
  • Other races: 267 (3.8%)

Located in Atlanta, Emory University is the only Southern college on this list. Much of Emory’s diversity comes from its high percentage of Asian and nonresident students. To promote tolerance and inclusion within the student body, all first-year students undergo an educational program called Creating Emory, which starts at orientation and continues throughout the first month of classes. Likewise, the Office of Equity and Inclusion offers diversity programming and resources for students, faculty, and staff year-round.

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