Each week at Jackson High School, teachers are given the opportunity to recognize four Students of the Week.

These students are nominated and chosen by grade level. The criteria for nomination and selection is representing the school’s core #RD4L principles: respect for self, respect for others, respect for the school and respect for learning.

Each student is rewarded with a certificate, a Red Devil Nation T-shirt and Zaxby’s for lunch.

The following students were Zaxby’s Students of the Week for the week ending Oct. 18:

Ninth grade: Kendryck Watts♦ works consistently in class every day, problem solves to complete assignments, maintains a positive attitude, and helps classmates.

♦ 10th grade: Emilie Trimble is consistently present, works hard, helps her peers, balances sports with academics and displays respect for teachers♦ .

♦ 11th grade: Kanijah Wilkes♦ always finishes her work on time and is very helpful to other students.

♦ 12th grade: Lauren Maddox — Very conscientious. Strong work ethic. Volunteers to help and follows through with it. Great, well-rounded student.