Students at Jackson Elementary School on Friday got a sweet treat for reaching their reading goals.

More than 100 students were able to visit the school’s media center to create miniature candy turkeys using Oreo cookies, frosting, candy corns and other items. Media specialist Carol Cabral calls the activity the “Gobble Gobble.”

The reward was for those students who met their reading goals by reading eight books at or above their reading level during the most recent nine-week grading period.

Cabral said the students are tested on the books they read.

“The students have been working on their reading goal for this nine weeks, the entire school, and their goal is to read eight books on their Lexile level and to pass with an 80%,” Cabral said. “Once they reach their goal, we like to do a celebration.”

Cabral said all of the students who met their reading goals for the most recent nine-weeks were treated to the Gobble Gobble in the media center on Friday, but there were so many students the party had to be broken up into four different sessions by grade level.

Cabral said hosting celebrations of students’ reading success has led to a dramatic increase in the number of students passing the reading tests and meeting their book goals.

“Last year when we kicked this off, when I started doing the celebrations, we had 34 children at the Gobble Gobble,” Cabral said. “This year we have 110. So we’ve made huge strides since last year.”

Cabral said the students’ goal for the next nine weeks is to read eight more books, with the celebration being the Snowman Shuffle, involving creating a snowman out of marshmallows, frosting and pretzels.

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