In our barn, we will be putting in various livestock animals for an extended learning environment for our school.

The Rev. Francis Michael, the monastery’s land manager and former abbot, will share information about the sustainable initiatives in place at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.

Fueled by what seems to be weekly rain showers or storms across the state, Georgia’s mosquito population is higher than average this year, said Elmer Gray, a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension entomologist and mosquito expert.

Mark Cartonio of Mark’s Lawn & Garden in Jackson gave a presentation to the Cherokee Garden Club April 19 on attracting butterflies. (Special Photo)

Lawn and plant care generally fall into four categories: landscaping, lawn maintenance, interior plant maintenance and sprinkler systems.

While Georgia hasn’t seen many cases of West Nile in the past few years, it’s never totally gone away. Today the virus is described by epidemiologists as “endemic” in Georgia, which basically means that it’s always present at low levels.

Despite these drier-than-normal conditions, frequent rain showers caused problems for farmers harvesting wheat and hay, and the rain prevented others from spraying for pests.

Experts at the Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture suggest the following cool-season vegetables, along with recommended varieties, for planting in a fall garden.

Once seen primarily as a way to teach students about the importance of fresh vegetables and proper nutrition, the school garden has become a classroom resource that covers much of the curriculum.

They can be grilled and sautéed whole with the stems serving as convenient handles for eating as hors d’oeuvres or as a side dish with eggs, steak, pork chops or a tomato sandwich.

You can still plant zinnias or sow them for summer and fall blooms. Georgia garden centers may offer plants or have larger pots of zinnias to fill places in your landscape that need immediate color.

Depending on the size of your hosta and the size of your container, hostas can be grown as a single subject in a pot or part of a combination container with perhaps an upright plant and a trailing plant.

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