Henderson High School alumni of all classes recently held a group class reunion.

The reunion was held July 12-14, starting with a reception in the Stark Elementary School cafeteria.

On Saturday, class members held a picnic at High Falls State Park and a banquet in the evening back at Stark Elementary.

A final closing memorial ceremony was held at Israel Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

The theme for the reunion, which attracted around 200 alumni, was “Let the good times roll again.”

Curtis L. Gaye set the tone for the meeting, said alumni Charlie Barlow, by asking the attendees to not ask each other how they are doing now, because they were apt to get bad news about health, finances, or personal or family issues. “If you ask them about the past experiences at Henderson High School, you will probably get positive experiences,” Barlow said. “He was correct. As we found ourselves talking about our past Henderson experiences and teachers, we discovered very positive experiences.”

Gaye provided attendees with a Henderson High School All Classes Reunion 1938-1970 bulletin that included history on the school, a history of African American education in Butts County, the school hymn, a list of notable alumni and a memorial.

Gaye gave the closing speech at the memorial service, telling a story about the teachers that an impact on his life. The title of his message was “The Builders.”

“As long as we tell the stories of the people who had and have had an impact on our lives, we keep them alive,” Gaye said.