May 26: B.F. Pelt, Billy Weaver, Joe Weaver, Mrs. Ralph E. King, Mark Burpee, George Barnette, Mrs. James Bohannon, Mike Freeman, Mary Bunch, Paula Malgen Franklin, DeMarcus Q. Duffey, Erica Starr Myers, Ronald D. Mathis Jr.

May 27: Ruth Singley, Mrs. J.R. Johnson, Grace Evelyn Johnson, Ed Raven III, Mary Jo Knowles, Laura Lee McCrary, John Roger Kimbell Jr., Mellissa Cantrell, Mrs. Ronald Thompson, William Taylor Whitesides, Mrs. Robert A. Watkins, John H. Bray, Mrs. Williard C. Harrison Jr., Vanesa Rich, Magan Nicole Maddox, Timmothy M. Stansell, Anthony H. Goens, Maysen Cantrell.

May 28: Leamon Thomas, James Wesley Harris, Jack Leverette, Sara Lou Norsworthy, Johnnnie Wells, Albert Thrasher Jr., Katherine Diane Trapnell, Brenda Bohannon Waldrop, Mrs. C.F. Phillips, Newton Mayfield, Mark Irby, W.W. Thomas, W.B. Cooper, Charles Barnette, John Dahlin, E.W. Gibson, Joan McMullen, James Ronald Gregory, Robert D. Merritt, Linda T. Grant, Stephanie Sims, Kenneth Wayne Brownlee Jr., Sherri Drake, Adam L. Powell.

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May 29: Greg Edwin McClendon, Kay Frances Kimbell, Bobby Cook, Kenneth Y. Parrish, E.C. Cook, Walter Turner, Sherry Sealey, Christopher Bostwick Smith, Cody Sanford Campbell, Alison Leigh Glidewell, Matthew Jones, Judy M. Woodruff.

May 30: Mrs. E.L. Barnes, Elizabeth Jane Smith, Forest McClendon, James Letson, Mrs. Janet Lassiter, Ellen Fletcher, Mrs. William R. Stephens, Mrs. John Halley, Dan Barnes, Mrs. A.W. Adams, Pamela Louise Cook, Ricky Reese, Lucy Halbert, E.L. Cost, Larry Dwayne Gregory, Beverly M. Davies, Timmy Tallman, Daniel Williams, Alison Patricia Watts, Anthony Duke, Michael Glidewell, Melinda McLarnon.

May 31: Mrs. Mertice McGee, Thompson Grant, Kenneth Perkins, Mrs. S.H. Cook, Mrs. Roxie M. Markham, Janice Lane, Tandi Walden, Fred T. White, Rebecca Ann Messick, Monique Duffey, Nancy Henley, Steven Duke, Damian Pearson, Al Faulk.

June 1: Elizabeth Jean Blessett, Kenneth Batchelor, Linda Darnell, Dorner Carmichael, Evelyn Allen, Barbara Ashley Letson, Andy Williams, Rachel Sellers, Edward Glen Ingram, Mildred McDade.

June 2: Herman Waits, Barry O’Dell Collins, Jeffrey Keith Cook, Lisa Maddox Kimbell, J.W. Cochran, Mrs. Peggy C. Andrews, Mrs. Ethel E. Hart, Charles Polk, Natalie Nicole Watson, Ali Cawthon, Harris Carmichael.

Editor’s note: If you know someone on this list who has died or no longer wishes their birthday to be published, please notify the JPA by emailing Please include the person’s date of birth.

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