Aug. 12: Mary Jane Williams, Warren Francis Smith, Martha Wise, Aldine Keifer Kimbell, W.R. Singleton, James C. Burdette, J.G. Batchelor, Terri Waits, Barry Fincher, Allen R. Beck, Mrs. S.G. Jordan, Debra H. Moss, Bethany Latonya Thurman, Bethany Anderson, Lewis Lamar Richardson, David Browning, David Scott Bradshaw.

Aug. 13: Bettie Ann Gunn, Levie Maddox, L.C. Hayes, Nita Gail Bowen, Mrs. Morris Young, Dane Ray Brown, Charlotte Colwell, Hugh Weaver, Mrs. James C. Lynch, Mrs. Mitchell Lawson, James M. Thurman, James Wesley Smith, Esther Spohn, Chas Kersey, Jessica Denae Yancy, Amber Jo Brooke Johnson, SaDarion Thurman, Crystal Dawn English, Christopher Hofmann.

Aug. 14: Lois Wilson, Helen Britt, Harold Britt, Cleveland Norsworthy, Ed Ridgeway, Edwin Patrick, Jr., Donnie Thaxton, Bobbie Sue Phillips, Mrs. Lonnie Lloyd, Clyde Hester, Steve Peck, Mrs. Allen Lewis, Earl A. Bender, Jr., Mrs. Timothy N. Pulliam, Mrs. Sydney H. Watts, Amy Hightower, Lisa Launders, Whitney Leigh Ann Kitchens, Harold Craig, Adam Fletcher.

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Aug. 15: Mrs. O.D. Smith, Mrs. K.L. Mann, Horace Freeman, Regina Carol Mangham, Rebecca J. Smith, Jo Anne Collins, Mrs. Mac Collins, J.T. Swann, Ken Rich, Richard Harold Brooks, Joshua Shane Williamson.

Aug. 16: Mrs. E.A. Fincher, Linda Adams, Tommy Glidewell, Danny Patterson, Ronnie Fincher, Patti Rodda, Bernard Stroud, Dina McClendon, Melanie Brooks, W.D. Messick, Richard Sean Miller, Jacqueline White, William Fears, Jazmine Turner.

Aug. 17: Harvey Leonard Jordan, Linda Hester, Mike Maddox, Toye Williamson, Vanessa Kimbell Potts, Dan Kenneth Rivers, Jr., Christopher McRay Long, Kenyana Johnson, Brad Lunsford, Jaquela Q. Douglas, Linda Maddox.

Aug. 18: Marci Amelia Maddox, Doris Johnson, Hattie Kate Berry, JoAnn Mangham, Pamela Sue Grady, Douglas Raymond Tingle, Dolores King, Gretchen Carmichael, Wendy Daniel, Marcie Kathleen Glidewell, Joseph Daniel Adsit Jr., Jacquelyn Watson, Ben Armistead, Bill Grant, Lurlyne Maddox.

Aug. 19: Bettie Jean Britt, Rita Thompson, Ronald Allen Harrison, Patty Corley, Richard B. Best, Skip Huggins, Janet Walden, Sara McCullogh, Benjamin Lee Hamlin, Okemus Anu Grier.

Editor’s note: If you know someone on this list who has died or no longer wishes their birthday to be published, please notify the JPA by emailing Please include the person’s date of birth.

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