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NOTICE OF SALE UNDER POWER STATE OF GEORGIA, COUNTY OF PIKE. Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the power of sale contained in a Deed to Secure Debt executed and delivered on March 16, 2018, by Andrea K. Lawson and Mason C. Lawson, as Grantor, to Suburban Home Sales, Inc., as Grantee, and recorded in Deed Book 854, Page 148-151, Butts County, Georgia, Superior Court records, and by virtue of default in payment in indebtedness therein mentioned, which has made the aforesaid power of sale operative and effective, the undersigned, Suburban Home Sales, Inc., as Attorneyinfact for Andrea K. Lawson and Mason C. Lawson will sell at public outcry before the Courthouse door in Butts County, Georgia, on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, during the legal hours of sale, to the highest bidder for cash, the property described in said Security Deed towit: ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND lying and being in Land Lot 149, of the 3rd Land District, Butts County, Georgia, and being shown as Lot 83, containing 3.24 acres on a plat of survey titled PHASE THREE FINAL PLAT FOR: BRUSHY CREEK SUBDIVISION, and prepared by Jordan Engineering, dated January 14, 2005 and recorded in Plat Book 15, Page 44-45, Office of the Clerk, Butts County Superior Court. Said plat and all its descriptive data are incorporated herein by reference to same. Notice of the initiation of proceedings to exercise the power of sale in the Deed to Secure Debt hereinabove referenced has been given and of Grantee's intention to collect attorney's fees in connection herewith as required by law. The note executed on March 16, 2018, by Andrea K. Lawson and Mason C. Lawson, as Grantor, to Suburban Home Sales, Inc., as Grantee, and secured by said Deed to Secure Debt and assignments, is now in default and the said Suburban Home Sales, Inc., does so elect that said indebtedness, with principal and interest, become due and payable at once. The said property shall be sold subject to all outstanding taxes and assessments against said property. The proceeds from said sale shall be distributed as follows: (1) to pay the expense of said sale; (2) to pay all indebtedness secured by said Deed to Secure Debt; (3) to pay attorney's fees; and (4) to distribute any excess proceeds as provided by law. This 3rd day of January, 2020. Suburban Home Sales, Inc., As Attorney in Fact for Andrea K. Lawson and Mason C. Lawson David G. Brisendine, III, Attorney David G. Brisendine, III, P.C. Post Office Box 632 Zebulon, Georgia 30295 Telephone: 770-567-3080 950-628734, 1/8,15,22,29


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