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Ben Wright

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Musings: Words are powerful instruments

Our thinking is precise only to the extent that we have words to make it so.

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Musings: How our mamas raise us

If you are a mama, then remember you have a significant and awesome responsibility to fulfill.

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Musings: Choosing to overcome failure

This fear of failure probably has been fueled by being told all of their life that they are no good and will amount to nothing.

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Musings: Knowledge also gained outside the classroom

When we study human nature we learn psychology, sociology, language and the importance of relationships.

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Musings: A little red wagon full of memories

Our little red wagon experiences are just symbols that remind us of the real, important things in our lives.

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Musings: Planning should lead to action

Thankfully, there are times when we do act and get the job accomplished because we forget the planning factor. We know what to do and we just do it.

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Musings: Being dedicated to a mission

Without human beings that are dedicated to a mission, no institution, whether it be religious or not, can survive long.

Musings: Knowing the limits of boundaries

Individually, we all have our own boundaries and limitations.

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Musings: Set goals and keep eyes on them

In baseball, for example, the pitcher has to have in the mind’s eye where the ball is to go over the plate and in the catcher’s mitt.

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Musings: Messages beyond the spoken word

Many times our decisions are based not so much on what others say verbally, but on body language and the tone of expression.

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Musings: Aviation pioneers showed great courage

As tragic as it was and is, more people will lose their lives testing new ways and means of air travel.

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Musings: Recipe for successful new year

Cook thoroughly in a fervent heat and garnish with quietness, unselfishness and cheerfulness, and a happy new year is a certainty.

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Musings: Have great expectations for new year

I hope that we all have great expectations. To enhance this feat, we have to have hope, faith and great patience.

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Musings: Beliefs shouldn't be forced on others

When we are super-fanatic over any cause, we usually defeat the spirit, the celebration and the joy of it.

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Musings: Remember brave souls of World War II

Let us not forget Pearl Harbor and the brave souls that were lost there and all those human beings that were killed or wounded in World War II.

Musings: We must identify attainable goals

If we want nothing or expect nothing, then that is what we usually get.

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Musings: Creative thinking benefits us all

We are thankful that Columbus did not believe that the world was flat and that the Wright brothers paid little attention to the notion that human beings could never fly.

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Musings: Recognize true blessings and give thanks

Let us give thanks for being alive. Also let us have a sense of gratitude for all aspects of life and remember there is a larger dynamic at work in, for and around us.

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Musings: Sacrifices of veterans live on

Instilled was a hope that some day people could walk the streets of the United States unafraid.

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Musings: Some gifts keep on giving

The giver of gifts has a humility that surpasses selfish arrogance or stupid pride. It never occurs to them to expect something in return.

Musings: Choose art that inspires, uplifts

Not all is gloom in the art world. For example, there are songs and music that uplift us in a powerful manner.

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Musings: Dedication, sacrifice often required for success

It takes a person a long time to learn to sing and it takes ballet dancers years to hone their skills. Both produce beautiful creations of entertainment.

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Musings: Harnessing stress can empower us

To maintain mental and emotional health, we have to learn ways to combat stress, tension and worry.

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Musings: Our value lies in service to others

Our worth is determined by our value to our immediate family and extended community family.

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Musings: Finding solutions starts with knowing the problem

Not knowing what problems we presently face, we cannot give blanket solutions. No one can.

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Musings: Freedom has many forms

We have to make democracy work by our responsible actions and principles. We have to stand up for what we believe.

Musings: Live in present to prepare for future

We cannot live in the past. We can only live in the present. In realty, that is all we have.

Musings: The problem of solving problems

At times when I am attempting to solve a problem, I find myself trying the same failing attempt time and time again, getting nowhere.

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Musings: We can all be instruments of happiness

There are at least four components of happiness. You may add to this list.

Musings: Ingenuity is a double-edged sword

The lesson learned here is that an unhealthy ingenuity is destructive and dysfunctional, whereas a healthy ingenuity is constructive and contributes to our well-being.

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Musings: Good advice often difficult to heed

Maybe this is the issue behind requiring uniforms in public schools. We just do not like to be told what to do or wear.

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Musings: Distracted driving causes too many crashes

How do you tell a person to be safe and not text or talk on their cell phone without offending them?

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Musings: Taking oaths should be taken seriously

Let us not take lightly oaths and pledges, for they classify who we are and for what we stand.

Musings: Education not confined to classroom

Hopefully, the coming school year will accomplish for all students and teachers the goals of observing, comprehending and analyzing.

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Musings: The economics of being thrifty

It has been stated: Be thrifty when you are young, and when you are old you will be able to afford the things that only the young can enjoy.

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Musings: Immune system a marvelous defense

Having a healthy immunity helps us have a better quality of life because it protects us against something harmful.

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Musings: Don’t go it alone during tough times

Our hope lies in the fact that it will not always stay this way. Life has its ups and downs. Right now it might be down, but it will let up.

Musings: Origin of words a fascinating topic

Terms, or words, are like wagons which can carry a variety of materials like lumber, stones, fruit, vegetables and other stuff. Thus, terms are carriers of different meanings.

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Musings: Religious fanatics twist faith

Their god is the ideology of their own making and has nothing to do with the true God.

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Musings: Reading a key to personal growth

My point is that if we learn to read and comprehend what we have read, then we can learn anything. Reading opens up a brand new world for us.

Musings: Courage is key to defeating defeat

We will never really know that we have courage until we look failure in the eye and feel its threatening power.

Musings: Signs of family violence often hidden

Fear for her life, losing her children and being considered a failure are a few complicating factors in this painful dynamic. So she feels trapped.

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Musings: How we spend a sign of who we are

In reality, it comes down to how we use our money. Our use and our charity usually are important clues as to our personality and our character.

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Musings: California fires spark memory of 66-year-old secret

Until today this has been our secret of secrets.

Musings: Planning is key to success in life

It may be a stretch of the imagination to believe that everything in which we are involved in in life has to do with planning, preparation and readiness.

Musings: Justice should include compassion

Most of us, I would venture, would rather be given mercy than justice.

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Musings: Being a good neighbor is easy

A good neighbor responds if called upon to help if it is at all possible. A good neighbor responds also if not called upon if an emergency arises.

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Musings: Relationships suffer in busy, modern world

In these fast-food days, we have to work harder and faster to develop human relationships that will fill the void of despair and loneliness.

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Musings: Creativity an in-demand commodity

Creative thinkers do not feed on the reflections of other people’s thoughts. Their findings are brand new and clever.

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Musings: Dependability a powerful virtue

Dependability is a powerful weapon of defense. Without it we are weak and produce very little for ourselves and others.