Madelyn Patterson discusses ‘Idol’ audition

Jackson resident Madelyn Patterson, right, tapes an “American Idol” interview. In last week’s season premiere, she was chosen to go on to Hollywood. (Special Photo)

Jackson resident Madelyn Patterson, right, tapes an “American Idol” interview. In last week’s season premiere, she was chosen to go on to Hollywood. (Special Photo)


Madelyn Patterson, 23, was given a golden ticket to Hollywood on last week’s premiere episode of “American Idol.” (Staff Photo: Michael Davis)

She’s not allowed to discuss what hasn’t been on TV yet, but on last week’s season premiere of “American Idol,” Jackson resident Madelyn Patterson got a golden ticket to go to Hollywood after singing for the show’s panel of celebrity judges.

Patterson, 23, has been singing since she was a child and comes from a musical family.

She said after getting cut from an early round of another FOX show “The X Factor” last fall, she decided to give “Idol” a try. Because she missed the Atlanta “Idol” auditions while on “The X Factor,” Patterson traveled to Austin, Texas, for auditions there.

“When I heard about the (“Idol”) audition, I was like you know what, I’m going to go do this. I’m not going to give up that easy,” Patterson said in an interview Friday.

Patterson is a 2009 Jackson High School graduate and pursued a music degree at Shorter College on a cheerleading scholarship but was sidelined by an injury. She had performed for a time and recorded a three-song project after high school which she plans to re-record.

Patterson said being on “American Idol” is an opportunity to see where music takes her.

“It’s an equal playing field and that’s what’s so cool about it. And it’s a dream maker. It’s a big, big, big shot,” she said.

The 13th season of “American Idol” premiered last week with two nights of auditions in front of this year’s judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. Patterson debuted on the first night of the two-night premiere and said singing for the judges requires focusing on impressing them right away.

“When you actually realize you’re about to do it, you kind of freak out for a second. … It’s so many different mixed emotions because so much can happen in such a short amount of time so it’s definitely a lot of pressure. And it’s definitely a lot of excitement too because you’ve been waiting for this for so long and when you finally get this opportunity you have to really decide for yourself, hey, you’ve got to make this happen. So I was definitely nervous for sure because I look up to all three of them,” she said.

Patterson said she’s received overwhelming support from her community in Butts County and from across Georgia since her debut. Following last week’s airing, she said she was stopped and hugged in the grocery store by a woman who is a customer of her dad’s pharmacy, Jackson Drug on the square. “I definitely have a lot of support. I can just feel that … Everybody’s been supportive from Jackson and from Georgia,” she said.

She said her excited family gathered around the television to watch the premiere last week, in which she was chosen to go on to Hollywood. “Nobody could sit still — everybody was freaking out,” she said.

Episodes 3 and 4 of season 13 of “American Idol,” which contain more auditions, air Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 22 and 23 at 8 p.m.