Student healthcare program presents awards

Jackson High School’s 2012-2013 Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) officers were pinned during the Healthcare Technology Sciences awards program Tuesday, April 24.

Jackson High School’s 2012-2013 Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) officers were pinned during the Healthcare Technology Sciences awards program Tuesday, April 24.

More than 200 students in the Healthcare Science Technology program at Jackson High School were honored at an awards program Tuesday, April 24 at the school.

Students received awards in several categories including CPR, Healthcare Terminology, Professionalism, and Work Ethic, but the main focus of the night was preparing students for a demanding and rewarding career in healthcare.

Jodi Braswell, a healthcare technology instructor at JHS and the advisor for the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club, said during the awards program that the healthcare program at JHS is not just preparing students to be doctors, but to be whatever they want to be.

“We are teaching students how to be productive citizens by incorporating into our curriculum skills like work ethics and professionalism,” Braswell said. “Some students come through our program and decide that they would like to change their career path from healthcare to something else, but the skills we teach will stay with them.”

Braswell said that she treats work ethics and professionalism in her classroom as if the classroom were an actual hospital.

“If my students are late to class, I reprimand them as if they are in a hospital setting and they are on a shift with 20 patients,” Braswell said. “The first thing I say is ‘you are late and you have 20 patients on your shift. What if one of them had died while you were lollygagging in the hallway?’

“Most of my students respond in a very professional manner, which tells me that this program is teaching them something,” she added.

JHS junior, and outgoing HOSA Secretary Savannah Gable, said that she is glad that she joined the organization because she has hopes of going into the healthcare field.

“I had never joined a club before, and thought that it would be good to join HOSA because of my ambitions of working in the medical field,” Gable said. “Being involved with the Healthcare Technology Sciences program and HOSA has taught me everything I would need to know when I go to college.

“It has also taught me the importance of helping others, kindness, and the willingness to be there for others,” Gable added. “If you are not willing to help others, you will not be very good at any job, especially if they rely on you.”

Gable received more than 10 awards at the program, and plans to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) by her senior year.

“I believe that Miss Braswell is the best inspiration for all of us students,” Gable said. “She is the best representation of what a dedicated healthcare professional is.”

Heiley Dorrough, a junior at JHS, said that she has plans of being an obstetrician, and believes she is on the right track by taking the Healthcare Technology Sciences classes.

“I am gaining very good experience in the club and I believe I am getting a leg up on others who have the same career goals that I do,” Dorrough said.

Alicia Duke, a junior at JHS who also received several awards during the program, is one of four students that have been chosen by JHS HOSA to represent the organization in the national leadership competition in Orlando, Fla.

During the awards program she presented the speech she has prepared for the competition on the topic, “It’s our heart to keep yours beating.”

During the speech, Duke expressed her dedication to helping others by saying, “You must want to help others to be successful and fulfilled in any area of the healthcare profession, and certainly you must realize that someone’s heart beat is much more than a physiological function.”

Braswell said that she is very proud of all of her students and wants to encourage them to be the best.

“I know that the healthcare field is a very lucrative field to go into,” Braswell said. “And with the number of vacant positions now days, we need more qualified professionals to fill these positions.

“Through proper training, I believe we are producing bright healthcare professionals, and giving them the training they will need to succeed in college and in the workforce,” Braswell added.

During the awards program, HOSA’s new officers were inducted and pinned.

The new officers for 2012-13 are Rebekah Collins, president; Heiley Dorrough, vice president; Jachovian Woods, parliamentarian; Haley Gragg, secretary; and Rachel Greene, treasurer.