Ben Wright

Ben Wright

There is an interesting book entitled “Angels,” written by Charles and Annette Capps. These authors describe angels as being good and bad. The good angels listen and guide us through the perils of life safely. We have to be open and listen, also. The fallen or bad angels tempt us, use us and set us up for needless suffering.

The good angels help us discriminate the authentic from the fallen angels. Whether we believe in angels or not, the book is worth reading.

Sometimes the angels take many different forms. My wife, Gerry, lost her gold bracelet while picking blueberries. We looked for three days with no luck. With a rented metal detector, we still could not find the bracelet. My wife and daughter picked blueberries and shook each bush as they picked, but still no luck.

On the fourth day, while picking, my wife leaned down to pick berries from a lower limb, and there was a large frog near her foot. She had never seen a frog in this netted, enclosed area before. She said to the frog, “Hello Mr. Frog, what are you doing here? Did you come to help me find my bracelet? I tell you what, if you help me find it, I will give $200 to a good cause.”

She stood up and turned around and there was her bracelet, caught in the yolk of two branches about 8 inches from her nose. We have not seen that frog since.

We believe that this angel in the image of a frog was instrumental in finding her gold bracelet. Learning that the vacation church school needed funds for supplies because their budget was limited, she gave the money to the Jackson United Methodist Church designated for the vacation church school program. With the help of an angel unaware, her bracelet was recovered and the needs of the vacation church school were met.

This golfer asked a threesome if he could join them. He was dressed in the finest of golf apparel and had a fine set of clubs. “Of course you can join us.”

His shot off the first tee sliced right — deep in the woods. They helped him find his ball. Looking through the trees, he saw a small opening that led right to the green. Thinking with luck he could make the green, he hit the ball. The ball hit a tree squarely, bounced straight back, hit him in the forehead and killed him.

At the gate, St. Peter, seeing how he was dressed, asked him if he was a golfer. He said, “Yes.”

The man asked if they had a golf course in heaven. St. Peter said, “Yes we do.”

St. Peter asked him if he was a good golfer. The man said, “Well, yes, I am. I got here in two.”

Have a good week.

Ben Wright is a former prison chaplain and is a longtime Jackson resident.