Pen & Ink - Mike Davis

A little piece of my mind:

* Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who became somewhat of a personal hero to many after he reportedly cursed at passengers, grabbed a beer and slid down the emergency chute onto the tarmac after an apparently rough flight, faced the music in court on Tuesday.

True enough, we've all had those "take this job and shove it" moments. I know. I used to work in a restaurant. I've flown on airplanes. I can only imagine what happens when you take some of the people I used to wait on and put them 30,000 feet over the East Coast in a metal tube with no way out.

But there's also a call for a certain sense of professionalism in that situation.

* It almost sounds like the quarterback tossed himself an 86-yard touchdown pass, but in a Pennsylvania high school football game Oct. 8, Joe Sobucki statistically did just that.

According to media accounts, the wide receiver/running back took a snap in a game against Fort LeBoeuf, and tossed a two-yard screen to a teammate, who pitched him the ball back as he fell to the ground. Sobucki then carried the rock for 86 yards and the TD.

He's being credited with an 82-yard touchdown pass, and 86 yards receiving, though he didn't technically receive.

Just goes to show you anything can happen under the Friday Night Lights.

* Red celery. Really?

A Florida company reportedly hopes to sell red-colored celery it developed through careful, horticultural cross pollination.

I learned how to make celery more colorful in elementary school by sticking a stalk in dyed water. It works with most plants.

I'm pretty sure it's not something I'll be stocking up on.

* President Obama is making an appearance on one of my favorite guilty-pleasure TV shows, "Mythbusters." If you haven't seen it, it features two reformed special effects guys building all manner of contraptions in order to debunk, or affirm, popular myths about the way the world works.

Their work often involves wrecking cars, blowing things up and causing catastrophic damage to the limbs of a mannequin. Some of the myths they've tested include seeing how easy it really is to shoot fish in a barrel and whether your water heater really can blow through your ceiling. (It can, by the way. And your second floor and your attic and roof, too.)

Obama reportedly said at a White House science fair this week he's disappointed he didn't get to blow anything up on the show. I am too.

* English researchers have concluded that dogs exhibit pessimistic and optimistic behavior, according to a Reuters story.

After careful observation, scientists noted that some pooches are fine with the bowl half empty while some get a little antsy that their owners may not return.

I've known dogs that wouldn't let the bowl stay half empty. Maybe that says more about their appetites than their dispositions.

* This one's been making the rounds in the news: edible "dirt" featured on swank menus.

The food is apparently only made to look like dirt or ash or sand, and comes from a host of powders and burnt plant material and other foodstuffs. I never made mud pies as a kid and I ain't about to start now.

Michael Davis is the managing editor of the Jackson Progress-Argus.